Sterling Fashion Co.,Ltd. Manufacturing Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry, Crystal Jewelry, Body Jewelry, Brass Jewelry Since 2002. Serving Customers With Fine Quality, Best Price, Fast Delivery.

Earlier Days.. We was Established on January 2002 near the Chao phraya River on the Capital City of Thailand,  Bangkok The Land of oppurtunity, City of Angels Choose us for our well being. When we started our production in a small cottage with only 5 people as working force making only few hundred pairs of nose stud with just only 3 basic designs we was very loyal to our work. we keep such a loyal untill now. in few weeks we started getting orders from local jewelry market Which located near New Road, Bangkok & Khaosan Road Bangkok. Like this we have started our manufacturing carrier as a small Local supplier. we are growing tremendously since then . we are specially manufacturing hand made Jewelry with Gold, Silver & Brass in Thailand. in China We are Manufacturing Base Steel material & brought to Thailand for Final such as polishing, threading, fixing stones & quality check. We are now established manufacturer working in this field more than a decade. 

Competitors.. Since we have join this market selling our products we found everybody making very high profit. which they say for good quality you need to pay more & we found there is no reason to increase the price for a Good Quality. as a manufacturer we realize the customers buying from other suppliers have to pay more price for the goods because what they so called Good Quality. we want to give this price benefits for our customers with our good quality, so what we decided to offer our customers is Good Quality, Best Price & Fast delivery. which keep us very stable in the market. we found that we are getting many New Customers in our inventory, we found we are satisfying our customer delivering with good quality products with our Best price & Fast Delivery. 

Manufacturing & Products.. We are manufacturing Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry, Crystal Jewelry, Body Jewelry, Brass Jewelry. Gold Jewelry Includes 9K, 14k, 18k in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, with product line of nose stud, ear stud, Pendant, Toe Ring. in this Gold jewelry we are using Top grade Stones, Zirconia & Crystals. we are making also products with Diamond (Si), Blue Sapphire, Rose Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, Orange Saphhire, White Sapphire, Green Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald all top Lusture fine Quality Precious Gem Stones. We use Zirconia from Swaovski Zirconia With is Laser engraved swarovski logo on each zirconia. All crystal used from Preciosa. Silver Jewelry we make from 925 Sterling Silver. also we are the manufacturer of body jewelry, crystal jewelry, Brass jewelry, Steel jewelry. All Body jewelry produced from 316L surgical steel, Acrylic & silicon. Steel Jewelry from 304 stainless steel, crystal from preciosa and also we have our own manufacturing all sizes of fine quality crystals. we are creating popular top selling desings in the jewelry from bits & pieces of metal, zircons & crystals properly planning to create many   new desings at all the time. Inhouse manufacturing facility for each & every requirment which ever needed for manufacturing process.

Team..  we are maintaining different team's. starting from Designing, Manufacturing, Marketing, Online, Sales, Customer relation, Accounting, HR, Logistics all our staffs are skilled, dedicated peoples performing their assigned job very well. we are having offshore and onshore team with us. we care our business, customers & staffs. we want to do it very cost effectively. we wanted to stand proudly with our business & service even in econimic unstable. so we plan every aspect to save our cost. sell our products very best price, manufacturing fine quality jewelry, Serving customers with heartfull of smile, exporting orders as per shedule. all this pride & applaluse goes directly to our team.


Sterling Fashion is the ultimate secret to stylish and fashionable shoppers who want to sparkle within their budget. We focus mainly in designing handmade jewelry made from premium quality silver, brass and gold from Thailand. We manufacture base steel material in China and then bring it to Thailand for polishing, quality check, and threading. As a reputable company, customer satisfaction is our priority, thus, we offer our consumers quality products, reasonable prices and fast delivery. This is the main reason our company is very stable in the fashion industry.


At Sterling Fashion, we create not only popular but top selling jewelry designs in the market from bits and pieces of zircons, metals, and crystals. Our products include silver jewelry, brass jewelry, gold jewelry, body jewelry, and crystal jewelry. Our jewelry is made from top grade stones,crystals, and zirconia. Our Gold jewelry comprises of various colors in 18K, 14K, and 9k such as yellow gold, white gold and Rose gold. Other products made from gold include ear stud, nose stud, toe ring, and pendant among others. In addition to that, we make jewelry with Sapphire of different colors, emerald, ruby, and Diamond. We use fine and high quality crystals from Preciosa and we manufacture jewelry of all sizes.


Our team of experts comprises of Designers, Manufacturers, sales and marketers, accountants, Human Resources, Customer relation officers and Logistics. All our staff members are skilled, talented and dedicated with reputable academic qualifications to provide you with quality services. We care about our customers, business, and our staffs. Irrespective of the economic status, our team of experts will ensure that our business will stand out and that we are able to meet all the needs of our clients. It is without doubt that the pride and applause on Sterling Fashion, is because of our staff members who work tirelessly within schedule to meet the demands of our consumers.

Our main inspiration that influences the different designs we make comes from the various cultures across the world and all that it offers. If you are interested in getting a custom made pieces for that special occasion, then Sterling Fashion are the designers you should look out for. Our styles are not just current but also timeless, with a vision to be affiliated with new trends as a supplemental inspiration for the work done by our team. Our dream is to make precious fashion jewelry for our customers that they will learn to adore and treasure. Therefore, whether you are looking forward to shine at a cocktail party or the next happy hour, then Sterling Fashion has got you covered.