Customer Complaints

Sterling Fashion is a large company. Therefore, we expect a number of complaints compared to other companies. This in turn helps in improving our sales, products, services, shipping and orders, enabling us to serve our customers better. However, it is important to go through all our policies, as they tend to address most of the complaints raised by customers.

Since Sterling Fashion is one of the most trusted jewelry brands in Bangkok, Thailand, we have a professional way of tackling customer complaints and grievances as soon as possible. You can write to use through and we will attend to you. Please do not forget to include your invoice number or order number for identity.

Sterling Fashion has technology that is able to look into the problems our customers forward.Our main objective is to satisfy our customers. We address all our customers’ grievances at different level. Each level has its own authorities.The authorities who check out on the grievance restoration include: The Branch manager who handles complaints at the branch level; the manager, handles grievances at the divisional level; the regional manager, takes care of Sterling Fashion complaints at the zonal level and the Chief or Executive Director handles complaints at central level.

You can contact the above redressal officers any time of the day using the provided email address. It is also possible to meet them in their officers in our Bangkok premises. However, you need to make prior appointment. You can book an appointment through our customer support team.

We also have a committee who play a role in scrutinizing claims forwarded by our clients since there are chances of fraudulent people extracting dishonest claims from the company.

In addition, we have established a council of policyholders in all our centers. The council consists of a professional team who represent the interest of other policyholders and communicates with the management regarding customers’ feedback. There is a level of transparency and confidence in all the operation and the result has proven to be satisfying to both the client and the company.