At Sterling Fashion, we are creators of a wide collection of jewelry products. Therefore, we depend on the protection offered by the copyright laws to ensure that our products, slogan, images and content is protected from misuse or abuse. As consumers of our products, you are obliged to respect our rights. This is because the Copyright Act grants us exclusive rights of the material we create. These include the right to translate material, to publish copy and communicate. You are not allowed to use our materials, be it the trademarks, our products or slogan in anyway that infringes our rights unless granted permission from our administrative office. Infringement of copyright may lead to criminal action against Sterling Fashion.

We are a large producer of materials where copyright exists. Therefore, when our members are dealing with third party, it is important that they comply with the copyright legislation.

Use of our Materials

Sterling Fashion supports the legitimate use of the company’s materials to enhance sales and marketing, advertising and promotional. However, we do not allow any activity that will infringe our copyrights. In fact, all staff and customers are responsible for observing copyright law while using our materials.

Sterling Fashion will offer staff and stakeholders with the necessary resources and information to enable them understand and comply with their responsibilities regarding copyright.

If a staff or our customers breach our copyright policy, it may result to termination and even denial of access to any of our products and services. This could also lead to criminal persecution.

You are not allowed to use the Sterling Fashion graphics, logo or icon for packaging, advertisements unless you have a written warrant from Sterling Fashion. In addition, you cannot use our trademarks for endorsement and sponsorship of a third party service or product.

At Sterling Fashion, we care about our customers’ needs. Therefore, feel free to obtain a written permit if you wish to use our materials in the correct way. You can also contact our friendly customer support team if you do not know how to go about it. They can be reached through our toll free telephone number, provided email address or our live chat portal.

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