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At Sterling Fashion, we sell all our products at a wholesale price with a minimum order of 300 USD. We have a wide collection of jewelry made from precious and fine metals with fashionable color combinations. In fact, our jewelry is designed in a way that can be worn in any occasion. Since most of our jewelries are handmade, they have a striking beauty and unique appearance. Regardless of your location, you can access our products. You do not have to worry about shipping costs since we do not charge our customers.

Our online store is developed and maintained by Sterling online group. We owe the success of this site to our team of experts. Our site is developed in a way that is easy to navigate and place orders without a sweat. Our main objective is to ensure that our customers get the best services possible. As such, we utilize the best materials in designing our products.

Products:This website contains a wide range of jewelry products such as brass jewelry, steel jewelry, gold jewelry, silver jewelry, and crystal jewelry. All these products are made, maintained and distributed from our premises in Bangkok, Thailand. Our jewelry comes in a variety of options from sizes, colors to materials. All this is done to satisfy our customers from different parts of the world. This includes 9k, 14k, 18k in white gold, yellow gold, Rose gold, ruby, diamond, emerald, and sapphire.

Besides that, our products are made from 925 sterling silver, stainless steel, 316L surgical steel and crystals from Preciosa. Browse through Our collection of labrets, pendants, ear studs, bracelets,nose studs, toe ring, rings, and chains to get that elegant look you have always dreamt of.

Photo shoot and images: The images displayed on this site are original images of our handmade products. What you see is what you get. No manipulation of the image quality has been done whatsoever. As a reputable company, we have a team of experts who are academically qualified and experienced to take and upload fine resolution images to ensure that our customers are able to understand the quality of our products.

Sales and marketing: This is the sensitive part of our business. We have a team of experienced staff who are dedicated to provide both online and offline sales and marketing service. Our products get the necessary marketing and promotion in various social network platforms and sometimes on magazines with the assistance of our sales and marketing team. As such, we are able to reach all our customers as well as our market all over the world. Our customer support team is also available 24/7 to answer all your queries. They can be contacted through various channels such as email, telephone and the live chat portal.