Press Release

22-Mar-14.. To server all sort of customer with no disturbence. we decided to server only as Wholesale Website. Minimum Order Value $300 USD or Equivalent.

04-Mar-14.. New Website Reaching milesstone. will be released very soon,

17-Feb14.. As everything become more technological & more advanced. our web team planned to Create a Mobile & Tablet Freindly website version. this version is in development stage. our web team working on various aspects to provide various service for wholesalers. this new website version will work in all resolution all size all browsers. no need download as a app. new version will work very easy on anything. almost everything.

05-Feb-14.. Now we have increased our 9K gold Nose Stud Production Capacity. and started making Gold Nose stud with Genuine Gemstones & previous Gemstones like, Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Shappire ( Blue, White, Rose, Orange, Green, Yellow ). as we wanted to maintain our gold products in high standard we decided to use only Swarovski & natural precious Stones.

07-Jan-14.. Due to Various reason we wanted to Keep Away our Retail customers from our Orginal wholesale Website. so we decide to serve all our retail customers only through our Ebay Store.

01-Jan-14..  Our Sales Team Recommended for World Wide Free Shipping For All Orders . due to various business compotiter's reason. Sterling Fashion Management agreed for a World Wide Free Shipping ( * Not Available for South American Continent ). Manangment Agreed For a free shippment for all Wholelsale orders.