At Sterling Fashion, our main objective is to deliver the best designing, sales and logistics services possible at affordable prices. To achieve this, we are working with a distinguished team with high academic qualifications from reputable universities across the world. Production of high quality products is our priority and this is why we use fine and high quality metals and stones to make our products.

We have a specialization in making handmade jewelry, casting jewelry, and stamping jewelry. The production process of these jewelries passes through various stages, from polishing to setting the stone. This takes place in our premises in Bangkok, Thailand. Our collection of jewelry includes current designs and fashionable color combinations.

Our team of experts has the knowledge required in production of incomparable jewelry products. This is important as it will help you have a unique and glamorous look that will make you outstanding from the rest. This is because we make popular and top selling designs of jewelry in the fashion industry from top grade metals, zirconia, and stones. Our company will provide you with silver jewelry, brass jewelry, gold jewelry, body jewelry, and crystal jewelry. Moreover, Sterling Fashion has shown outstanding expertise in making fine and high quality jewelry from sapphire of various colors, emerald, diamond, and ruby. This can be attributed to the use of top-notch materials that make our customers trust our products without doubting the quality.

Our customers are allowed to change their orders, preferred courier service and package preference within 24 prior to shipping schedule. Every detail regarding the order is emailed to the customer before shipping to confirm that the details provided are correct. We also email all the invoices with the description and images of the products you ordered.

Since we understand jewelry and we know our customers’ needs, our team is well versed with creation of ear stud, nose stud, pendant, nose ring and toe ring according to our customers’ specification. Besides that, our designers are talented and dedicated in delivering the best service to our customers. Without a doubt, our outstanding quality of jewelry is a true reflection of our qualified and experienced staff members.