Shipping at Sterling Fashion is a professional and organized jewelry outlet. If you have been looking for a company that will handle shipping of your jewelry in an efficient way, then look no further. We are a reputed and experienced firm in the fashion industry, therefore we ensure that all the products we ship are safe and are delivered as per the schedule. Our shipping includes custom shipping, airfreight movement, cargo, and container shipping.

At Sterling Fashion, we ship all orders across the world at no cost. However, for this worldwide free shipment to be done, the minimum order value should be 300 USD. Our services are offered to various international airports around the world by our experienced team of experts. It is unfortunate that this special offer is currently not valid for any South American countries. We have a list of countries where our services are offered. It is also important to note that we are only taking care of shipping charges. Customers handle other charges like insurance of goods and taxes.

Our main objective is to be a leading company across the world that offers the best service in the fashion industry. As such, we offer unique packaging options to our customers. The packaging also involves protection of goods from damage during transit. We use courier services from EMS, DHL, UPS and other couriers for our shipments. These courier services provide online tracking facilities. Our customers can track the status of their goods during transit with the help of the advanced tracking system offered by these companies. These courier services are also fast and goods will be delivered to within 3 days. In fact, we make sure that goods reach their destination before the deadline. Special shipment request can be done. You simply write to us your order and we will get it covered.

All our customers’ cargo is delivered promptly and in proper condition. This is because we take full responsibility for the value of the goods and shipping charges. In case of wrong product delivery, our customers will be liable until they provide evidence.

For bulk shipments, we use private cargo. We provide air and sea cargo services. We guarantee you safety because we do not combine our shipping process with other company.