Our TeamOf Experts

Sterling fashion offers a sparkling collection of unique jewelry like earrings, necklaces, rings, anniversary bands, rings and bracelets among others. With more than 10 years of experience in the fashion industry, you are guaranteed of quality products at a great price.

Our range of elegant jewelries are made from fine metals and stones such as silver, gold, brass and diamond. We owe the great work to our professional team who have extensive experience in this field. Our team understands the requirements of our customers. Therefore, they are able to deliver their service exactly as they have requested it. This team of experts are the designers, the production team, sales and marketing, and logistics team.

Designing team:                                 

Our team of designers is accountable for all the requirements needed for production. It does not matter whether it is an old or new design, this group will always revise and craft the specification for the production of a unique, high quality and cost effective jewelry product.

Our customers are at liberty to discuss with our designing team what they would like to be brought on board. This is because we are more into the regular products than creating new ones. Our focus is to change the production patterns. However, we can create new products depending on the fashion trend.


We have a well trained and experienced factory production team that is dedicated at delivering fine quality jewelry since 2002. Most of our staff members have worked with us since our establishment. Therefore, they understand the standards of Sterling Fashion and work hard at helping us achieve our objective which is to provide quality products that satisfies our customers.

The production of jewelry goes through various stages like casting, waxing, polishing, welding and such. This group consists of members who uphold integrity. As such, our customers have no reason to doubt our mode of production. With the help of this team, all our customers’ orders are produced and shipped as per schedule.

Sales and marketing:

This team is responsible for selling and marketing our products. All enquiries, online and offline orders are well maintained by this group. We hire a team of experts who hold high academic qualifications in order to provide the best service to our consumers. They sell and market our products through different channels like newsletters, social media, and even on new product flyers.


This team handles all logistics and accounts at Sterling Fashion. The logistics team will arrange the shipping of various orders to different destination for free. Professionalism is their priority and this is the reason why they have developed good relation with all the shipping and courier services. They do their work with passion and ensure all the orders are delivered without damage.