Terms and conditions

Welcome to Sterling Fashion!

Thank you for your interest in our website, products and services. By virtue of wanting to do business with us, you agree to Sterling Fashion Terms. In case of conflict, the Sterling Fashion Terms will take charge over any other terms of the pact. Please take your time and go through these terms and conditions carefully.

1. Access to our services

In order to use sterling Fashion website, you must create an account and we have to approve the account. We have the authority to deny or limit your access to not only our website but also our services.

2. Use of our services

You can only use our services in accordance to this agreement. We can discontinue your use if you interfere with our services. We can do this by removing specific codes from your properties.

3. Changes to the user Agreement and our services

With an objective of providing the best service to our customers, we constantly change and improve our services. We may remove or add some features to the website at any time. This can lead to suspension or stopping of our services. 

4. Sharing your content and information

Our privacy policy clearly outlines how we use your personal information and protect your privacy. By registering with Sterling Fashion, you allow us to serve you as applicable. This includes sending you updates on our new products, special offers and such likes. We cannot share your information without your consent. We have installed physical and electronic procedure to safeguard all the information you give on our website.

5. Security

All software application that needs access to our services must be preapproved by Google in script and must observe the Software principles of Google.

6. Shipping of goods

All orders will only be shipped after full payments have been received. Your merchandise will reach its destination depending on the deadline you set while placing your order.

7. Delivery

In order to be assured of proper delivery, you are liable for providing as well as maintain accurate contact information. You are responsible for delivery of goods to a wrong destination